Cell phone a social bane

These changes not only are easing our life but human beings are under tension due to these massive invention. It results in the lost of money. Aug 15th, Photo: A to Z, just like that. Doctors recommend taking breaks every 20 minutes to avoid consistent discomfort, but one in four patients are said to complain about trouble reading excessively on their phones.

Cell phone — a boon or a bane?

The evil doors have a strong network only through the cell phones. Science may never understand. It i s being used by the criminals and terrorist. GO Please enter a valid email address. Sometimes, a user keep on feeling disturbance merely on a single call. A double edged weapon — a great friend of criminals and terrorist.

Every person either he is an officer, a commoner, a coachman, or a laborer, whatever he is cell-phone is in his pocket apart from necessity.

It is a double edged weapon which is a friend as well an enemy. In summation, think before you text because in the end, nobody gives a shit what you did today.

It may be worthwhile to recall that considering its ill effects on the student community, some colleges in our country framed certain guidelines for students where one is not supposed to use cell phones in the college campus. It strains the nerves of human eyes who become mentally sick and feel frustration.

Dopamine Depression The relentless feedback loop that many of us are trapped in, the one in which we post, wait impatiently and tally our worthiness, is a cyclical dopamine drip that our minds crave.

It is a moot question whether using cell phones for a longer time is a potential health hazard. The cell-phone are being used in the class-rooms, in the mosques, and even at the place where it is required absolute quietness.

In order to avoid it social inconvenience, the present young generation must be educated properly. Its frequencies are bribing about nervous ailments and mental sickness. They are quite unaware of the sound pollution they are creating.

Initially it looked as if the cell phone would revolutionise the process of communication; but now it has become a source of stress as well. The incidents of robbery, dacoity, purse snatching, are growing particularly among the youngsters.

This is only a tip of the iceberg. Incidents of cell phone explosions are not new. Studies have identified that tech-driven millennials with a lack of exercise, excessive time at the desk and too much coffee are going from soreness and fatigue straight into full-on elder hunch-over mode.

Today, students waste a lot of their time on cell phones in playing games and listening to different ringing tones.

But doctors will likely give you an opioid for that. The guardians and the government institutions should play their positive role to promote healthy activities in the society.

While the cell phone has proved to be useful during emergencies, its misuse seems to be on the increase. Its excessive use is a social problem — it makes people mentally sick.

Cyber-Related Ailments Are Swiping Up To Be The Bane Of Millennial Existence

Though the benefits of cell phone are many, it has really made our lives more hectic and sometimes frenzied. It has broken the barriers of communication and enabled us to establish contacts with the people all across the world like never before. It is a safe device to contact with one another. Today, rate of crimes is increasing due to the pressure of cell phones.

Before long, the millennial generation will be known as the hunchback generation. The law-breakers have always contact through the mobile phones which they go on from place to place. While scientists debate bicker whether or not texting is tied to Carpal tunnel, they will admit it causes similar symptoms.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Cell Phone A Social Bane.

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To understand the effect of Smartphones and. The ubiquitous cell phone is a wonderful invention of technology, making our lives comfortable and happy. It has broken the barriers of communication and enabled us to establish contacts with the.

Cyber-Related Ailments Are Swiping Up To Be The Bane Of Millennial Existence. by Matt Branham Aug 15th, Photo: Boston Globe / Contributor If you don’t think the recent invention of cell phones and social media are linked to anxiety, try going off your social media and cell phone for three days.

Cell Phone: — A Social Bane

Hell, three hours. Cell Phone A Social Bane quotes - 1. Life is what happens when your cell phone is charging.

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Cell phone a social bane
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